Hey i'm Nick Orvik, I"m 16, i live in north dakoa and i'm looking for a posthardcore band or members to join mine, we have a vocalist already, but we need a drummer and two guitarists, or if you need me to join your band, i play both bass and guitar and i scream and write lyrics if you need me to. I have made two of my own EPS in which i play bass and guitar and do my own vocals. Call me at 701 282 4763 or email me at horizonaflame@yahoo.com, or message me on UG
ha dude good luck! I'm originally from the big ole ND myself! I lived in Bismarck and yeah there may be quite a few scene shows around the fargo/moorhead area thats about it...scene shows... its tough to make it as a musician out there man! best bet is to go to minneapolis, much better scene there.. But anyways good luck on your search and i wish you the best!