I am currently looking at different wood's that are non-traditional for guitar making and I found a particular breed of wood that is very striking and am wondering if anyone has had any experience with it...

The name of the wood is called purpleheart.

Purpleheart is also legendary for its hardness. In the Janka test (how much force it takes to push a steel ball halfway into the wood), purpleheart rates at 1860 pounds of force.

That’s more durable than North American hickory… it’s pretty strong stuff!

attactched is a pic of purpleheart, cherry and lyptus (???)

I was thinking of either using this combo in my build, with the purpleheart being used in the neck (for obvious reasons stated above) or I can use it on the back, too.....

I can get it for $7.50 PBF ( Per Board Foot) so that will come to about 20 dollars for a neck slab. and about 15-20 dollars for the body. I can bookmatch a top to go with this, but I can't really think of a good combo with this amazing looking wood.

I am looking for idea's as this build is going to be a gift to my Brother, who was wounded in Afghanistan and received...u guessed it... a purpleheart.


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lots of people have used purpleheart, it's normally used as a laminate in the neckto cut down on weight. you;ll need to use a UV resistant finish for it to stay the same colour else it will go brown