Hello all there is a local guy selling his Clapton guitar and I'm interested in it. The only thing that I'm worried about is the price he is selling it for $350. Iv been trying to find some info on the guitar but can't find anything about it.

Here is a picture of the guitar.

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I don't recall seeing Clapton playing anything but one of his old Partscaster Strats (Blackie and Brownie) or one of his signature Strats for a very long time. The guitar in the link you posted is a knock-off of one of his signature Strats painted by a New York graffiti artist called "Crash." That particular guitar is probably an EC Fender Signature Strat with the custom paint job.

Only a crackhead in need of a fix would sell a genuine Fender Clapton Signature model so cheaply. Either that, or it is stolen. The guitar is almost certainly not a Fender Clapton Signature Strat. I'd pass on it.
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Heap o shit.

stay far far away.

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there is no way that is real for that price. maybe a replica, but not a real clapton
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