Today, (the first time in two weeks I've gotten to play ), that my Morley Bad Horsie Wah is making this really strange low pitched humming sound when plugged in. And when using the wah... it gets even worse. I've tried taking it out of the chain and I lose that humming sound so... any ideas on what I might be able to do to fix this?
Well I thought about that so I subbed another pedal in it's place to check the cables that way and it worked fine. So the only thing I can think is that it must be the wah itself.
What are you powering the wah with? If you've got an adapter, try it with a fresh battery, see if that helps. Wah's can be pretty noisy when you're using them, and a cheap power supply can often make that noise worse. When you aren't using it there shouldn't be extra noise though.

I use a good filtered, isolated power supply with my RMC wah, and its still noisy with high gain.
All right. I'll try it with a battery and see if it helps. Although I've used it with adaptors before and not had this problem... though it was a different adaptor so I'll try switching the adaptors and seeing what happens too.
Yeah okay so I guess my wah and that adaptor just didn't get along Thanks for your help guys!
The Bad Horsie needs a regulated power supply or you will get that hum you noticed. It doesn't necessarily need to have it's own power supply, but depending on the pedals you daisy chain it with, you can get the hum. If you get the hum when the power supply is only powering the wah, you need a different power supply. If it doesn't, then try chaining your pedals with the wah one at a time to find out which ones it will play nicely with. I have my bad horsie chained with my TC Polytune, ISP decimator, and Hardwire CM-2 and I don't get any hum. It just depends on the other pedals in the chain.