Hello everyone,

I just picked up a Blackheart Little Giant and even though it is 5 watts it is still a bit loud for me to be able to play with it fully cranked. So I was wondering if you guys could help me design either a "power scaling" circuit or an attenuator that would keep basically the original sound and be able to play quietly. I have seen the Bitmo 10-uator and if I have to I will pick one of those up, but it would really be nice to be able to build one into the amp itself.
Oh, and one more thing, I would really like it to be able to have a line out/ headphone jack also.

The reason I'm asking is that everything I have found elsewhere on the internet is for the Marshall 18 watt or 100 watt amps. All I need is something that will do 5 watts.

Thanks in advance!

I kind of had trouble finding a schematic so I would also really appreciate it if someone has one if they could post it.