so I have a guitar with an old FR2 on it. It's an 80s Kramer. It stayed perfectly in tune after all kinds of dives. Never dropped once.

Then I changed the 30 year old strings. Now it won't say in tune after any dives. Help a hair metal fanatic out!

How can I make it hold tune again???
tune it like this

first without any locking nuts
make sure that fine tuners are midway through the bridge
tune E (6) then E(1), B, A, G,D

tune until its in your desired tuning

if the bridge is way up or if it's sinking adjust the springs in the back of the guitar
once in tune put the locks on. And then tune it again in the same procedure with fine tuners, that's how I tune my Ibanez.
It may go out of tune if you changed the gauge of your strings too.

The last thing wrong maybe that the springs are too old, but I doubt it.

Hope this helps

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Hmm I'm sorry man don't know how to help you there.

Ask an old fella, like an expert at floyds

Ibanez RG4EXQM1
Agile 2000

Marshal Gm15
Fender Mustang III
If the strings were that old are you sure you replaced them with the same gauge? Maybe the springs are shot. The release of the tension after a long time might haver changed the neck. I think a full setup, intonation, truss rod and bridge would do the trick. If you cant do that yourself, or dont feel comfortable trying things like adjusting truss rods, then take it to the shop. I bet thats what you need, there really are no other variables if all those things are done. Unless the tension on the old strings kinda held some neck damage in check until the tension was released.
Gahd dammit. I'm beginning to hate this thing. I just blocked it and it's snapping strings like crazy.
For what they charge for a set up at the nearest shop, I can have half an OFR paid for. Should I just wait a bit and swap trems?
pushingthrough is on the right track I bet the truss rod is bent slightly after you released the tension. If you are feeling brave there is probably info on the net on where to find the access to the truss rod for your particular guitar (as all guitars are different) on the net. Best bet would be to take it to a shop... and if it is really costly and are not particularly attached to the guitar then save for a new guitar.
Well I have another guitar. So I picked this up on the cheap-o because I love 80s music. I wanna customize it, but didn't think I'd need to this soon
Well if a guitar is that old it's going to need a bit more lovin. Electrics may need to be checked as well as bridge height and truss rod. Because it has a floating tremelo some new springs considering it's 30 years old would help to. It's not that hard to do there are tutorials on youtube plus it's satisfying to fix something yourself, but if your not confident and like the guitar then take it to a shop.
I'm gonna give it a go. The FR2 is single locking, and stewmac sells locking saddles that fit. Hopefully some adjusting and the addition of the locking saddles get the job done.

Then, tossing in a JB humbucker, putting on some spandex and rocking out!!

Thanks a bunch for the ideas guys! I've never received bad advice here