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Wow thats awesome. Sounds like a song you would hear on the radio. If you could professionally record this and maybe add in the rest of the band this would be even better. Your other original song is awesome too.

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Thanks a lot man! I'm in the process of trying to put a band together, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll spend some time and make a full band recording of this myself though.
Yeh dude I like this song a lot. You should really try to get a band together, I think this song would sound really good with the full band.
Really good stuff You know how to make music, at first I didn't realize, that I already reviewed one of your songs in the past, until I've heard acoustic version of "Follow Me Down". I even downloaded that old version, though I don't know which I like better, both are really good. You sing well, your songs are catchy, what more can I say, keep up the good work.

Cheers and if you have some time:

Wow, this is excellent. Love the guitar tone, the riff fills, rhythm fits perfectly. Your voice is great. So spot-on. This is something I would buy if you recorded some material. Amazing song and the lyrics are enjoyable. Nice vocal melodies too. Very powerful voice. I don't have much to critique. This is amazing.

C4C if you have the time?
Like everyone else, not a bad catchy pop tune.

Some minor pitching issues, and I think the vocal reverb is a little hardcore for an acoustic version. Would sit better with full band, but until then I would suggest shortening the reverb time by around a third to a half and mix it down a little bit.

That's about all I have to say, really.
This is a nice catchy pop song man. I like the composition and everything. If you could get a whole band and all that, you should market it to some radios because this would get played. I really like your voice too man, the lyrics are good and you've got skill in those vocal cords. No critiques from me! Great job!!

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I appreciate all the positive feedback! I'm looking into finding a studio around me that can record drums, but if I can't find anything affordable I might just try to make a really good home recording and try to find someone on UG to record a drum track for me.