A 1st take, a track that me and my buddy created being inspired by many bands at that time. Guitars and bass done by us and the drums by a Boss DR:880. The structure is pretty much as it is, some things can still be changed I"m sure of it, but we remain very proud. Keep in mind, that the whole song is meant to have vocals at certain parts and when we find someone capable of doing them, we will proceed doing so.

Please give constructive criticism, and show me to one your threads so i can respond adequately!

PS: Song is in my profile, title: The Conspiracy
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I like most of the opening guitar riff. The distorted rhythm guitar could sound better double-tracked, I like the riffs. I hear some clipping. Many parts of the song sound like it's cut & pasted together. You might cover up the edit points with cymbals. Song writing is interesting. I liked most of it. Please review my music at this link:

It may be that I'm not familiar with the genre, but it sounded like a few songs put together. I did like each part though, my favorite part being from 4:54 to the end and the intro. I think if you split some of it up into separate songs you could end up with some really good songs. I'd also like to add that you're an amazing guitar player.


I like your song, it may sound like a few songs put together, though I really like it, probably because I like sick music As you wrote, the song needs vocal, hope you will find someone. As for the mix, I can sometimes hear some buzzing, I guess it happened when you used compressor and limiter to make it louder. Nonetheless it's nice music. Keep up the good work

Cheers and if you have some time, though it's kinda the opposite of your song:

Love the dirty tone of the guitar, although for me i would try to clean it up slightly.

Playing is good though
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