well i took my epi sg in to get the pickups worked on (its a story on its own but irrelevent here). anyways the tech there told me that he couldnt get the pickguard off because it was glued or something. while i trust the guy to work on my stuff idk how much he knows bout guitars. ive tried getting it off myself and ran into the same prob though idont think its glue but rather something just screwed in still. maybe im doing something wrong though? any help on removing a full sg pickguard would be appreciated. thx yall.
Hahahahaha what a silly tech! I just googled a picture of one and obviously the tune-o-matic studs are pressed through the pickgaurd (at least I think that's how your guitar is)! You could send it to me, I'm an 18 year old kid in alaska who works on guitars for fun and I could get it off! Watch this video, it shows how to pull tune o matic studs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsZ9zBX2eDU do that, unscrew it and do your own work, it's not to hard.