Hey guys I've been currently using the heel toe technique for awhile now to get fast doubles and do fills like RLKK etc; but I feel like this technique is a dead end. I have pretty solid control over it but I feel it's time to take it to the next level. I am looking for a foot technique that will make it possible to do fast 16th notes without stopping on one foot. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Not exactly sure if I understood your post properly, but I'll do my best.

You can get the heel toe technique as fast as you want... metal drummers like John Longstreth and Alex Micklewright play double bass 16ths at 270-280 with heel toe double strokes.

For fragmented 16th note doubles like the fill you described, it doesn't really matter what kind of technique you use since it's just two 16th notes, but for sustained playing heel toe is a bit easier since the motion is a bit smaller. Another technique for two quick 16th notes is the slide technique.

However, if you're talking about playing constant 16th notes on one foot, work on developing your ankle motion for heel up single strokes or use the constant release method.

Basically, there's no really different technique for playing what I think you're asking, other than using the same technique you already are, but with a different rhythm. What I'm talking about is like... when you play double strokes, you're playing two 16th notes on either foot, so RRLLRRLL etc. But you can use the same technique to play single strokes. Try making a regular heel up stroke and then making a 2nd stroke with the ankles, and then play that as 8th notes at a certain tempo.

Another way people play single strokes at high speeds (George Kollias being an example) would be with the swivel technique, you can see that demonstrated here:

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Thanks for the info dude I'm into the whole gospel chops style so I want to get my foot in better shape for the faster playing