No....it's not like a car. A car may have problems if it's not used as it's full of intricate moving parts that need to be maintained and lubricated, also it's usually left outside. That means time, weather and temperature changes can all affect those moving parts.

A guitar has few moving parts to speak of, and then only simple ones, springs, screws and basic gears in the tuning heads - that means there's nothing to go "wrong".
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i dont imagine. after storing it i would think that new strings and good polish would make it fine
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i dont imagine. after storing it i would think that new strings and good polish would make it fine


i saw a used jem from the early 90's in perfect condition that hadnt been played in over 10-15 years and it was excellent after a set up. practically 0 fret wear and not a scratch on it, apparently the guy bought it and then stored it for 10 years.
ever picked up the old acoustic you haven't played in a while because you were too busy rock n rolling? won't play any different once you give it some attention for example string swapping.
also it's not like a car like mentioned before. playing it will make the guitar wear faster in my opinion as then the strings move, your body sweet will touch the finish and so on thus wearing finish, frets, fretboard, perhaps even the bridge a bit.

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I didn't play my Strat for about twelve years. Once it was set up it played just fine. Although there is a ridiculous pseudo-scientific myth that the wood needs to keep absorbing sound vibrations to play correctly. But that's just nonsense.
I guess the truss rod could settle over time and possibly need a slight adjustment, but I'd imagine that would be more from the strings going bad and whatnot. I'm just making a guess though, I've never had that happen. Guitars are very susceptible to climate changes though, so you gotta keep that in mind when storing it. I've never noticed a problem from not playing a guitar for years, let alone a few months.

I have an few Banjos though, and they like to be played. Probably because of the drum skin and lots of metal hardware. It a completely different animal.
No not playing a guitar will not ruin it, but storing it improperly , Heat, cold and humidity do danage it. So do not store it in a storage space, attic, ect that is not climate controlled. Use a hard case and throw some of those moisture eating packets in there too.
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if yo leave a guitar untouched for months it will collect dust and grime. that is all.
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those nickel frets won't wear out if you're not pressing steel against them constantly
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