Hello everybody. I did not know where to post this so I did under electric guitar. I am going to arizona at the end of the month and im in pennsylvania and I am flying. This is the biggest competition ive been in and im really nervous. Ill be competing against people under 18 across the the 50 states. In a guitar solo competition.

So questions:

When im flying, should I D tune my guitar? Ive heard the altitude tightens the strings and I cant have one break.

Leading days up, should I practice the song nonstop? Or should I play it once or twice to refresh, or not at all?

Performing, what should I think about? (I did do this twice before, but with different versions because my pedal went out on one and I improved)

Also, how often should I give eye contact with the judges who will be looking for technique, tone, eye contact, stage presence, enjoyability for the player, and overall having 'fun'

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
Do not take any pressure, you just need to go there and kill the song you are playing! You just need a fuc**ng good attitude! But remember the eye contact i think you need it a lot!
1. Yes, you should detune your guitar at least to Eb
2. You should practice a lot at first, and in a few days before the competition you should practice also, but not as much (sorry for my english, im sure ive made a lot of mistakes)
3. You shouldn't think about anything special. Just play the solo! (I'm not sure, many people focus on the solo and play as good) If something goes wrong, show no emotions, like nothing had happened
4. Don't show goofy face expressions, don't run on stage like a crazy cow, show youre having fun and you are in a good mood. Eye contact with the judges shouldnt be too often and annoying, look at them 2 or 3 times. Remember that looking in someones eyes can disfocus you and you may lose concentration and mess up the solo
You Should D Tune your Guitar but unless you are very good at tuning by ear i would suggest that you use a Chromatic tuner to tune back to standard otherwise it is unlikely to be very accurate.

You should parctise the song A LOT but don't kill yourself with the effort, you should also perform to your family / friends beforehand so that you get used to played infront of other people (I mess up a lot when i play infront of other people - and its not because im nervous or anything, i guess it's because im also trying to look at their expressions to see if they like it or not or maybe im just not used to it).

in terms of peformance just make sure you get it right.
also make sure that you adjust the strap to perfectly fit you, instead of going for the stylish "down to the knees" guitar make it the helpful "up to your ribs".
i would also suggest that unless your solo is a "Heavy Metal-esque" solo limit the amount of distorion that you use because the judges will probably want to hear every note (i would say that your limit should be a "Slash" level of didtortion and thats pushing it (remember this is only if your song isn't 'optimised' fot lots of distortion.

You Give the jusdge i contact whenever you feel it is right, preferably more than less but don't make yourself look to nervous and make sure it is only when you can.

In terms of stage presence make move around quite a bit and tap your leg to the beat (obvious taps) because it makes it look funner and it is helpful.

John Frusciante, SRV, and Slash are great examples of this.
I suggest that you go to youtube and watch Dont Forget Me and Californication from Red Hot Chili Peppers Live at Slane Castle Look at how Frusciante move around and is so emotional how and Flea (the bass player) kicks around to the groove.

I hope i have helped you and i hope this has not stressed you out or anything. i answered as well as i could.

Let me know how it goes!

Good Luck!
I dont think Ill be able to write all of this down lol. Thanks, I never would of figured to tap my foot. And ill try to have my distortion at a fairly meduim level to hear everything, because sometimes my effect that I use gets pretty annoying. Its distortion with a slight echo and like a phaser/neil young thing going lol.
Yes, Definitely practice your ass off. Play the song until it naturally rolls off your fingers without much thought or difficulty.
Important thing for the performace, loosey goosey baby, loosey goosey. Keep your mind focused on the Dynamics and flow of the music.
As for eye contact? No need. Let the guitar do all the talking.
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
while everybody said most of the stuff, i'll say +1 to everybody said and good luck to you. get a spare pack of strings you use and also get bunch of picks and everything else you need for your performance. if something goes wrong you don't want to go out looking for a store in a city you know nothing about...

oh and i myself would say no need to detune your guitar if you're getting it into the cabin/