Hi, I recently bought electric guitar, so there's a lot of techniques to practice (legato, tapping, sweep picking...). Here is my question: should I practice only one of those till I get it right, or can I practice every of those techinques together ( fore example: I practice only legato today, only sweeping tomorrow, next day only tapping ect) ? I'm not a beginer, I played acoustic before
Well it´s diffrent from person to person. Some prefer practice one technique per day, others (like me ) do all techniques a little every day. My practice schedule is 20 min Alternate picking per day, 15 min sweeping and 15 min legato ( tapping included in legato ). It´s working pretty well for me since i keep it up everyday.
I figured it out when I bought electric. I thought it wouldn't be so different, but it is. Sometimes I'm having a hard time when playing with a lot of gain, and need to stop strings from ringing to each other.