So how exactly does one get "better" at playing bass?

I get that practice makes perfect, but the thing is, I don't really know how to practice.

So what should I do to improve on my playing?
Watch a few Victor Wooten instructional vids, he's like the Paul Gilbert of bass.
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Metronome. You set it at the speed you want, run through quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes. After all it is a rythme instrument.

And work on technique. Alot.

also, you might want to have this moved over to the bass forum, the folks over there might be more helpful
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Thanks to everyone that answered. You guys are alright.
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Watch a bunch of videos of Flea from RHCP playing bass, Some different things to work on or practice are: picking speed, finger speed, scales, chords slap bass, triplets with your strumming hand, try learning a guitar solo on the bass? I found it really helps open up your imagination to the fretboard, I play guitar riffs on the bass all the time :P Haha hope this gives you a little bit to think about