hey guys!

I've been looking at recording kings lately, and I'm starting to think they must be good! It seems like everywhere i go, they get so good feedback, and great reviews! Now. I don't have a chance to play any of them, as they can't be bought in Denmark.

You can see all the recording king guitars there, which i'll be able to purchase.

Which guitar would be the best for me? I've read alot about if you find a cheap electronic one, that you'll be paying more for the electronics, or something like that..

Please help!
Recording King is a roll of the dice. They sound excellent. I purchased an RD 06 12 string last fall and the neck twisted within weeks. RK's are known for having quality control issues. But if you get a good one they are worth it. Try and find a used one.

Check out the Blueridge guitar forums. They have an RK section and people are trying to sell them on there all the time. They would be used so less likely to get a lemon.
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