We're a Hardcore band from a town nobody has ever heard of called Port Hedland in regional Western Australia.

We've just put up a preview of our first demo track, which you can find on our page, and while you're there, click the like button! Would really help us out!

Our influences are Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen, Vanna, Destruction of a Rose, Rod Stuart and a shittonne more I cant be bothered listing :P.
LOL, Alabama Hot Pocket is the title of Big Chocolate (the band)´s new EP (which I recommend)...
- Gibson SG Standard
- Lag Roxane 500
- Eastwood Hi-Flyer
- Takamine EG523

- Jet City JCA50H
- George Dennis 60Watt The Blue Combo
- Marshall SuperBass 100Watt