so its gotten to the point where im considering giving up my adv. diploma in game design and enrolling in an adv. diploma of music (which is 2 years long). but to be honest i don't know the likely hood of someone being successful in this field. whether it be solo, session or concert. or even the likely hood of getting a job as a musician.

does anyone have any tips or just statistics about this? also has anyone actually done a similar course? how did that go?
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I think it's pretty easy to make a living from music if you are good, just don't expect to make a lot unless you get extremely lucky. Most professional guitarists earn their money through teaching, gigs, and maybe a bit of session work on the side.

I am starting an advanced music diploma in september, after that I intend to either go to university or just start working. I really want to teach and gig, and there is no reason why someone who is good can't earn a living off these two things. - You can earn a lot of money through teaching after a few years experience.
Hows the jingle writing business?

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Im going to college for music. I dont know exactly what yet, but I will once I start taking classes. I was wondering the same thing sort of.
Like, in order to teach music, does one need to go through all the stuff that a normal teacher would go through in order to get their teaching license and all that?
My plan is to become a teacher of some sorts
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Im going into college to do music tech. Im not sure what the job fields are like but its probably better than what im doing atm.
I've heard that finding steady work with a degree in music can be hard, especially if you live in a more rural area like I do. Although, maybe it's just hard here and not so bad in larger cities lol.

But if you look at a lot of famous musicians, it's a mixture of those who have diplomas and those who don't. For example, Micheal Manring went to school for bass and is an incredible bassist, while other artists don't have any formal training and still rock just as hard. I think if you want to teach, though, then you'll need the proper credentials. Other than that, it's just having a lot of connections, playing good music, and getting a bit lucky.
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I wonder if there's more professional musicians or game designers

more game designers by far. the amount of people that work in the games industry almost outweighs the amount of people in the movie industry (as of the last couple years). only difference is that very few people in the games industry build up a name for themselves. so most of them go unheard.

thats something i don't really want.
Do you lot think taking a course in music tech would be a good idea? Its a 2 year course which focuses on most aspects of music for example the buisness side of it and the studio and setting up a live gig.
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Do you lot think taking a course in music tech would be a good idea? Its a 2 year course which focuses on most aspects of music for example the buisness side of it and the studio and setting up a live gig.

no the im not taking music tech. im taking one which actually focuses on the music side.
A degree in music isn't that important to being a professional musician.

Assuming you want to be a performing musician, you either have the looks, talent, and creativity, or you don't.

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I've already been to College for a few different subjects, but I never unfortunately did music. I wish I did now, but apparantly it takes years to pass and the exams or whatever are a bitch and there's a LOT of paperwork. I also didn't choose to do Music in Year 10 at School, but that was before I started playing the Bass. Not that the School one would matter, as it is really a useless piece of time, but I do wish I did a bit of Music at College.

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