Welcome to the forum equivalent of our Forum Wide Roast! Here's a place where we can make a few jokes about our fellow EG friends and frenemies. A few notes before the shenanigans ensue.

-These jokes are in good humor. If you actually troll or intend to offend someone, you'll be reported. Don't be like Necrosis.

-Please, try to keep it higher brow. No mamma or shock jokes. Don't be like Necrosis.

-No blatant douchery. Don't be like Necrosis.

Groaners are encouraged. Here are a few to start.

By how many Ibanez's Tom 1.0 owns I'm thouroughly convinced that he wouldn't date a model. He'd only date super-models.

If you went to the "Who to Listen To and some overweight nerds" thread and deleted all the posts of people to listen to, you'd be left with AcousticMirror's post count.

A girl once told ECisthebest that she had DD's. He said he preferred SSS.

Biga29 was at a Cadillac dealership one day after listening to his favorite country song. He searched and searched, and finally found the car he wanted. The dealer came out and asked if he had any questions. Biga exclaimed, "That's it, I want your Pink Cadillac!" The dealer replied, "It's not pink... it's plum."

This thread can also serve as a general community thread. Sorry for the lame jokes, I made them up as I typed them. Let's get this shin-dig started!
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What is the EC community?

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Quote by gregs1020
What is the EC community?

Was wondering the same thing...


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EG forum...home of the "this vs. this", "Floyd Help!?!?!?", and "looking for good shred guitar" threads...again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again...
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Don't you mean EG? as in Electric Guitar?
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Sorry, I had that ECisthebest joke rolling around in my head as I typed it up, haha.
Gregs so old he has tweed on his amp, not just his slippers

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Quote by Tom 1.0
Gregs so old he has tweed on his amp, not just his slippers

I'm even older, my slippers are made of rock.