Hi guys I'm self taught pianist and I make an original music for a contest. I ask you to vote me and a girl, it's really easy no registration need!!!
You only vote two video by do this:
1) click here: www.youtube.com/youtubenextup
2) Select Italy and it will appear only italy videos.
3) My video is me on piano and there is writing on picture"impeto". The other one is a girl that keep her fingers crossed. Vote this two video with thumbs up (you can re-vote after 24 hours)

Here the are the image that you will find in 1) in this way you can't mistake:
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Voted for the girl, didn't see you in the pictures.

Good luck though.

thank you! try to watch again because there is also me there with that picture it's really important to me. And you can also listen my original music
meh, can't say i particularly liked it. it wasn't awful though.

i still voted for you of course, always glad to help fellow UGers.
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I'm not voting because I'm assuming it's one of those things that will flood my mail box with bullshit. Sorry.
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