Reamp that AxeII baby!

Backing track has NO guitars except a little rhythm during The Hellion and main solo section. I overdubbed the Hellion's rhythm and harmony. All the other guitars are ONE performance. I used the re-amp feature via USB direct to Logic Pro 9.

For those that saw my OD100 version, I changed the last long run in the solo to be closer to the original after watching the live JP video clip of the song.


Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Sounds killer. Great tone.

I always love the little faces you do

Can you give me a sense as to how loud that was for you in the room? Sounds killer on my POS laptop speakers. Thanks for sharing.


It wasn't loud at all. I was in my music school and there were lessons going on in the other rooms so I wasn't loud at all

Very awesome tone
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