hey guys!

I've started playing the electric guitar! Well. I've had one for a while, but never used it, since i prefer acoustic. Anyways.

I tried it today. I just don't get it? Chords sounds sooo different compared to acoustic? But then i found something like 'playing tabs'. but? Is that what like bands use for playing? like 3 strings at a time, if you understand?
yeah if you're using a lot of distortion you probably want to be using power chords.

if you're playing clean you can use your old "acoustic" chords to your heart's content.
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Is your guitar in tune for a start?

And I'm not too sure I understand your question.
im not too sure about your question either lol. But tabs are just an easy way to learn a song, and if you can't read it now, im sure you'll be able to learn it quick. As far as chords, yea if you're using distortion open chords that would be used on an acoustic will sound wayy different and probably bad. What you should do is use barre and power chords, which is essentially playing the same notes as open chords but with a different fingering in a different place.

For example:
Open Gmaj:

G major barre chord:

Its the same notes (G, B, D) played in different places different ways, and the barre version will also sound better on electric most likely.
Hope that helps
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play what sounds nice

full 6 string chords dont cut it for electric guitar a lot of the time. the power in the electricity makes it easier to play less and sound like more. listen to the smiths for a good example of this.
i know what you mean TS

those three note chords are called power chords and are only the root and fifth of a chord (no third) getting rid of the third makes them more sterile sounding and more pleasant through distortion.

im asuming you are using a cheap electric through a cheap amp. your clean tones (and dirty) will never be great. if you get at least a mim strat through a decent solidstate (or even better tube) ampo you will get better tones.
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Is your guitar in tune for a start?

This, or the more likely culprit, intonation.
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