Hola, UG! My band Chase Point just finished up recording a couple of songs and we're looking for some listeners! If you would check out the following websites we would appreciate it!


Please excuse the mediocre recording quality. We don't exactly have the best equipment, haha.
Sounds great! The quality is already pretty good, but once you get rid of the little imperfections and record it in a studio, it will sounds very tight.

You might want to try to make it a bit less generic sounding. Experiment a little
I get what you mean about experimenting a bit. Even though these are pretty solid drafts for what we want, we're always open to some changes. Thanks for your thoughts!
Nice to see a good band with female vocals.
I liked your facebook page.

You guys might be interested in my band, which is in my sig.
American Circus
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Thanks for checking us out guys. We're working on recording some more songs for you peeps to listen to. We have tons of material, just not a lot of time to record, haha. Thanks for your support.

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