We are a rhythm guitarist and a drummer in Charlotte, NC. We are looking for a bassist, and a singer

I (the rhythm guitarist) am 15, turning 16 in october, and the drummer is 14.

We've both been playing for around three years, and are pretty good.

We've got one song mostly written (have both guitar parts written except for a solo, and have drums), and we're in the process of writing another.

Artists we like include Avenged Sevenfold, 10 Years, Three Days Grace, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, Bullet for my Valentine, Stone Sour, Disturbed

Comment/pm if interested.
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You do vocals, my friend has a band with just him and a drummer and they're good, he's one hell of an axeman. If I move near him I'll be in it too

Edit: He can't sing very good either so don't give me that "I can't sing" sh*t"
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I feel we should go to...

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Haha, I might if we become really desperate, but I'd prefer to keep looking for people before resorting to that.
Damn. If I was wherever Charlotte, NC is, I'd get my friend to join with me, seeing as we're both 15, and seeing as I play bass and he loves playing lead and is a good singer.
Ah, yeah that sucks dude. Would be very helpful.
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Scotland's Teenage Fanclub are the standard-bearers of modern power pop. Eight albums into their career, no one else comes close to their mastery of the genre, and when you think about it, the pieces for their run of remarkably consistent albums were in place from the beginning. The band has three accomplished songwriters whose voices blended as though nature intended it; what it lacked is a sense of adventurous experimentation, and as such, their discography is consistent almost to a fault, always good but never surprising or amazing.
This band is so great. I can't believe they didn't have any reviews yet.
Man-Made ultimately sounds exactly like you'd expect a Teenage Fanclub album to sound, but with just enough extra to make it feel new again. It's unlikely at this point that any of their fans would want them to completely overhaul their approach anyhow, and indeed those fans are treated to the band's best collection of songs in more than a decade here. The uninitiated shouldn't skip over Bandwagonesque for this, but fans of both Teenage Fanclub and power pop in general will be very pleased with this.
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