I recently purchased a Jay Turser Strat, and i decided to replace the cheap plastic nut with a GraphTec Tusq nut on it. And now when i tune the 3rd string to G, the notes are off. A is almost an Ab when i tune it to G. But when I tune it from the 12th fret all the notes are fine but open G is off.

I tried setting the intonation on it, but it did nothing. Could it be that the nut is a different radius than my guitar.
Any ideas?
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sounds like that might be the case... you may have gotten a nut that's 'taller' profile than your stock one... regardless, sounds like there's too much string travel when you fret notes, causing the lack of tune... take pics and we might have an instafix for ya?

#5 tells the story. Get your nut slots cut lower and you'll be all set.