Im looking for a bandana (the thing on the head that you tie up) something similar to what Axl Rose used to wear on tour ( child o mine video ) the prob is im not really sure how you call those things, what ever i try to name it it doesnt really turn up much results on the net. I mean ebay should be packed with stuff like that 'Axl Rose Bandana' and sh!t. Saddly i cant find it. Does it have similar names, specific names.
Any help here guys?
They're called Bandanas. I can walk into most stores and get one for about $1ish.
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They sell em at Wal Mart, Target... hell you can get them at gas stations even.
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Try searching for 'jock strap'
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you mean a headscarf, like the queen wears?
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Seriously, just bandana.

I got one for 50p...decent quality too.
I know a guy who used to wear them under a cap, but all the colour ran onto his head...

I don't wear mine on my head cos I thik it looks lame (haven't actually even worn it as an accesory for ages) but it was already quality...for 50p.

So yeah they're everywhere really...just as people have said "bandana" should get results.
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Try searching for 'jock strap'

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Search for "strap on".

Both got me, haha
Bandana =/= Do Rags
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You must not have googled right. Or perhaps you didn't realize that they come as a square and you have to tie it yourself.
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They're actually called Bananadanas, you'll have more luck if you walk around asking people where you can buy bananadanas.
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Dew rags and bandanas are not the same thing.

You can get bandanas at any dollar store. It's hard to find nice bandanas these days for some reason.
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Bandanas should be really easy to find, I bought a couple at a liquor store FFS. They're pretty cheap too.
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Infinite ammo has its uses but you should think about getting the stealth

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