Hi this is my first thread. I wanted to know what equipment to buy now and later like a equipment buying plan. I was thinking of buying a modeling amp like a Roland Cube, and maybe get a pedal or two in case the effects aren't that good. Then when i form a band, and get some more money in a few years or so i will buy a multi effects processor like a Pod HD500 with a good clean amp. Do you guys think this is a good plan. Also can you help me decide which modeling amp to get right now. My budget is $200-$300. I play Heavy Metal , and rock. Right now i have a Jackson DXMG, and a Fender Frontman 25R which is missing the normal volume knob, and is cracking up sometimes so i want to get the amp replaced. I am an intermediate guitar player. I don't want to buy a used guitar amp, but i will buy other used equipment.
If you are "intermidiate" then save some more $$ and get a diecent Tube amp to run a processer through. Look at the Jet City Amps JCA 22h and a 1x2 or 2x12 cab to go with it. The amp will be reliesed this summer so that woud give you plenty of time to save more. I know some people like blackstar ht 20 . but you realy need to spend roughly $500+ toget an amp you will be truely satisfied with.
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reconsider a used amp your money will go a lot farther. do the best you can to get a good amp and worry about the fx later. $300 would get you a used Peavey Valveking which would be a decent start to a good sound (it's also band worthy) the Blackstar already mentioned is another worthy option.