Hello everyone!

I have been lurking on here for a while and thought I would introduce myself. My name is David, I am from Maine. I have been playing amature for about 20 years. Until recently I had never taken guitar lessons. But I met a friend of the family who gives lessons and he is great. My genre/style I guess is classic rock n roll. I also love folk and bluegrass, but mostly rock.

I own a few guitars:

1. A walmart special electric guitar with a cheapo amp. I almost never use it.
2.An acoustic Yamaha FG-110. My mother gave this to me when I was 14 and it is my first guitar. I still play it frequently. I dont think it is worth much, mostly sentimental value.
3. I recently aquired a Stromberg guitar. It is model G-100 and Serial # 479. It came in the origional hard case and is pristine condition.
4. A few Christmas's ago my wife bought me a Fender T-Bucket300CE. It is acoustic electric with a built in tuner. This is my favorite one to play!

SOOOOO, here is my question: I have done alot of research online about the Stromberg, but I cant find any information about the G-100. Is there anyone here who can help lead me in the right direction or that knows anything about Stomberg Guitars(vintage).?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all!

You'd probably find some more help outside of the pit. Check the guitar forums.
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If I would be better off on a diff. forum all together, can anyone recommend one?

Thanks for the honesty!