I bought a New 2010 Taylor 414ce in early february this year. But sadly, I don't play it hardly and I have alot more fun playing electric guitar.

It's in perfect condition with no scratches, a couple months old, and hardly been played.

Just a poor buy for me IMO, and I'd rather use the money for an amp or towards a new electric.

So how much could I get for it? (selling to a person, not a store.)
Based on a quick Google/Craigslist/Ebay check, the going rate ranges from $1300-1700. I'd say you'd have no problem getting $1500 for it, depending on the buyer.
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I saw some going for $1700 and mines in perfect shape. So I'm going to try to get $1700. But ill take anywhere from $1500 to $1600.

So its all good