I need some more exercises to work on, preferably intermediate to advanced, with any and all techniques.

Any suggestions? And I do have Speed Mechanics for Lead guitar by Troy Stetina
Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, the funny thing is I was trying to decide if I should go buy some excercise books or go and take a few lessons to target the bad habits I've developed and technique I need to work on, etc. I've been kind of looking around Amazon and such trying to find some good books.
If you want any good books than get the Stetina books. The one I have, speed mechanics, is flat out amazing, no doubt has helped me improve immensely over the course of the year I've had it

yeah even the lead vol 1 is amazing, and not so speed metal more bluesy metal rock lead, helped me no end, even troys posted on my thread lol
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