Hear is a new original called the great hammer falls TERRORS REVENGE ,,,, that's me my name is Terry aka TERROR - x- project i don't come here often but i have several original songs on my page please take a listen and let me know what ya think and i am always on the look out for colabbin with others so if interested just hit me up,,, add me and subscribe ,,,, about the songs,, this is just me on all instruments im recording at home using sonar 8 producers edition software and just me in my room so all ur feed back would be greatly appreciated ! thanks \M/,,, here are two links to my artist pages ! a couple here and about 57 songs on the reverbnation link enjoy and please send me feed back !!


I started critting Caught In a Mosh and then I realised it was a cover. Original Recordings is for originals. There is a Covers forum.

Sounds pretty solid, you have a good voice and all the instruments are tight. Your guitar is incredibly fuzzy which kind of lets down the song. All in all very good. Just a little disappointed it wasn't an original.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1455344