Hi all
I'm going to buy a Cort M600 next week. it's about 400$ (In my country 620$ LOL).
I believe no one knows this guitar here but yet I want to show you why I chose it and see if it's the right guitar for me.

First, it's very very comfortable. My friend has one, it's about 1 year old and never got a setup, and still his action is very very low which I really like. It doesn't have any buzz whatsoever anywhere in the fretboard.
It has a set neck and a Gibson style bridge, I don't know if it's that crucial, but it has an awesome sustain in the high notes. I was really surprised by the this. (The sustain is great everywhere not just in the high notes)
The neck and and body are made of mahogany, and as I understand it's what I need to get the sound I like. For example, I like the sounds in "For the love of god", "Sweet child" solo (before the wha) , "Another day" solo, And everything this style (I'm talking about the neck pickup sounds mainly, I don't have a favorite bridge pup sound.) The fingerboard is rosewood which is very common and it has maple-top.
I plan to put on an Air Norton for the neck and maybe a Norton for the bridge. My goal is pretty much Petrucci's sound, but I want to keep my guitar good for metal and whatever I may want so I don't want the Steve's special for bridge.
The guitar feels really good, no leaks at all. The tuners feel very solid, the pots work great, and nothing seems bad about it.

So that's pretty much it. What I'm looking for again is Petrucci's kind of sound, and I don't care how good are the original pickups. (It has EMH-HZ passive pickups)

Any thoughts or tips?
Sounds all good, man. Petrucci's guitars tend to have maple necks, but a lot of them have mahogany bodies - the other ones have basswood. IIRC they say that the new Petrucci signature DiMarzio Liquidfire neck pup is essentially a tweaked Air Norton, so it should be a good swap. Spec-wise it seems all good...

BUT, don't order online if you can avoid it (I don't know if you plan to). A lot of these high-spec - low price -type of guitars are somewhat hit-and-miss, as there is a lot of variations between different copies, even if it's the same model. The quality control isn't often up to the task, so even if you like the one your friend has, the one you'll get might not be as good.

But, if you get to try it before you buy it and it seems as good, then go for it!


If it's Petrucci you're after, are you sure you want the one with the Gibson-style bridge? I noticed there's also a model called M-600T, which seems to be essentially the same guitar, but with a modern-style synchronized vibrato. Even if you don't use it a lot, it's still a considerably large factor tone-wise. If you get the chance to try them both out, do that!

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Yeah I heard the Liquidfire is an upgraded Air Norton too but honestly I can't take the risk that I won't like it enough. I read everywhere good things about the Air Norton, almost everyone who uses Dimarzio has the Air Norton on the neck so I don't think I can really go wrong with it
From what I ready online about the M600 - everyone really likes it and my friend's guitar teacher said it's an awesome guitar two and can be compared to guitars with double its price - Although it had stock pickups.
M600 is definitely a good guitar in this price range. With a new set of pickup it will kick ass for sure.

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Anyone else has something to say that hasn't been said yet before I buy?
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