Here's the story:

My guitar has been sitting, unused for almost 3 months now and I miss playing it. Prior to those 3 months, it was working like a charm. It wasn't until I changed the strings that I decided to clean the body (as I usually do upon changing strings). I wanted to do a thorough clean so I loosened the bridges so I can get in there but when I put the bridge back, there was a big issue with the feedback (I must have unknowingly loosened the ground). I wanted to try to fix it but I honestly don't know what I am doing. I don't even know where the ground is on the guitar. I pretty much tore the guitar apart and now there are wires and pots everywhere. I didn't do this on purpose. This guitar is pretty old and the wires just broke off.

Now my question:

How much would it cost to rewire this guitar completely? The only wire that remained connected is the one from the 3-way switch to the jack. Also I think it's important to mention that this guitar has a hollow body.
Shouldn't be that much. Do you want to replace stuff or just stick it back together?

If you don't like the stock pups then the former may be good - if its that old then pots could probably do with replacing. You can get whole kits and, if your not happy with that and its a standard set-up then a luither should do it for £55 - my guide (what I paid once) depending on ease of assess and wiring. Its a hollowbopdy, so it might be a nuisance! (Why I aint touching my pups on my gibby)



Also, you may want to make a thread in the GB&C forum, because they are all super smart on such stuff over there!

I say DIY it and lean a bit as you do, as long as it isnt a really posh guitar!

Are all nice sites!

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I was thinking about just using the same pots / switch / wires. I just pretty much want to stick it back together and make it sound how it sounded before. What are the benefits of using new pots?
If you take it to a shop, they'll take a look, tot up what they could get away with charging, then add labour and tax.