I've been playing guitar for 6 months on my $100 acoustic guitar and I want a new one. I've been debating between another pure electric and acoustic-electric guitars. I really want to play some pink floyd and muse songs, but I'm also really want to learn fingerstyle stuff like sungha jung etc. And obviously you can't bring amps and shit to camping trips etc.

My budget is $500 and I want a cutaway style b/c my current guitar only allow me to play to 12th fret and that's really gay.
Stick with an electric guitar for now, because you can learn fingerstyle on your $100 guitar. You could buy a better acoustic later.

My thoughts
Fingerstyle for the win. If you have people to play with or have a goal to play with like a band I'd say electric but if you're alone I'd say acoustic. Don't forget to buy a thumpick too