Maintenance schedule - recommendations?

Hey. I have an Ibanez Prestige (2570). Wondering what recommendations from the forum re: the following:

1. How often I should take it in to my local guitar shop for a routine check-up/maintenance?

2. If I'm not noticing anything particular/the guitar is playing fine to me, is there anything I should insist they do?

3. Any links you can direct me to with a good checklist of maintenance stuff/how frequent to do each?

I have taken my PRS to a tech for a set up once, just because I had it for 5 yrs and giged it in a regular bassis. It played fine still, I just wanted to have it checked out. The tech did not have to adjust anything at all. Part of buying a very nice guitar is not having to worry about inferrior materials or craftsmanship.
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Dude, it's not a solid lifter hemi V-8, it's a freakin' guitar. If it feels good and sounds good just play the damn thing.
if it has a floyd you could take it to the tech every year of 2 years just to be sure. i think the tension ripping off and onto the guitar can hurt it a little. other than that if you use the same strings with the guitar everytime, wipe it down from time to time, maybe oil the fretboard from time to time if necessary.

i haven't brought my les paul in for about 2,5 years now i intonated it myself a few weeks back for the first time and i've been playing around with my charvel with floyd rose. playing around can teach you a lot too so you might be able to do it all by yourself eventually.

i also bought this book which was recommended to me on here. guitar player repair guide by dan erlewine. it's pretty nice to have too just to read it all step by step.

other than that it's also pretty much as said above; does it play nice then why would it need a set-up or check-up.
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I would just regularly wipe the guitar down with guitar polish. On top of that checking intonation and the electrics every now and then. Most guitars are maintenance free these days i.e machine heads don't need to be oiled etc. The best maintenance is prevention by making sure its not in the sun or extreme temperatures and is on a stand or somewhere safe.
^Best maintenance by prevention - true dat.

Fretboard cleaning and body polishing every few months. If you have a floating bridge, make sure it's settled and floats freely and all that.
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I would just regularly wipe the guitar down with guitar polish.

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Fretboard cleaning and body polishing every few months.

Please don't put polish on your nice Prestige. Once you put that polish onto a guitar body you'll never ever get it completely off again, and that could be a huge hassle if the guitar ever needs serious work done to it. The silicones used in the polish can leach into the wood through the finish and glues have a hard time setting into silicone. If you want to remove dirt and grime from the guitar and 'polish' it up I recommend using naphtha instead.

As far as cleaning the fretboard every few months... this is fine as long as you're just wiping away any grime. You only want to use a fretboard conditioner about once a year because it's easily possible to over saturate the fretboard to the point where the frets rock outta place.

Experience: Working alongside a local luthier off an on for 6 years.


Just play the guitar. They don't really require any special maintenance and there's nothing to wear out in short time. Slap some new strings on occasionally and call it good. If you notice a control starting to sound scratchy or the signal is cutting out, then it's time to look to fix something. Otherwise... enjoy the guitar you dropped good cash on . It's a guitar, not a delicate machine.
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A guitar doesn't need any routine maintenance that you can't do yourself. It only needs to go to a pro if the trem is so out of whack that you can't manage to adjust one thing without something else getting screwed up.