Hello, peoples of the Guitar Building & Customization forum!

I have this Mexican-made Fender Stratocaster here, and it just kinda sits around and does nothing because it doesn't really sound right for the style of music I play in my band. So, since I'm an adventurous one, I've decided to customize the piss out of it!

Here are my plans. Questions will follow:

-Have it routed for a Floyd Rose
-Have it routed for duel humbucker setup (It's HSS atm)
-Buy a new, 22-fret neck for it (the current is 21-fret)
-Replace the pickups
-Have it painted Arctic White (It's currently red)
-Have a contoured heel "installed" (to make playing on the upper frets easier)

As far as pickups go, I'm looking at the Seymour Duncan Invader S/D SH-8 Invader pickup for the bridge, for the more distorted tones. And for the neck, I'm looking at the Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz Model pickup, for lighter distortion, clean tones, and all that "jazz"
So my first question would be: Has anyone had any experience with these pickups? I've heard amazing things about Seymour Duncan, but I've also heard bad things, like how the pickups are very one-dimensional, and how they don't respond to the players picking attack. They are just one speed: GO!. Is that true in your experience.

I'm thinking about getting the neck from Warmoth. That way, I can have it as custom-made to my specs as possible. Would switching a replacing a 21-fret neck with a 22-fret neck be okay? Would it fit?

And lastly, is stripping the old paint and painting the new paint on something I could do easily, or is it something that you recommend taking to a professional? Because I'm kinda lost on that.

If you guys want updates along the way, I'll be glad to continue posting them. I'm hoping to get the guitar into the local music shop soon because they are really good with routing pickup configs and bridges and such.

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