so looking in a yard sale earlier i found an old boss drum pad thingie(dr rhythm dr 550 is what its called) after a bit of hagglin i got it for a couple bucks and i took it home.it works great

so after a while i thought why not plug it into my amp and have a drum to play along with when i cant go and jam with my buds

so before i try this is there any possibility of damage to my amp( bugera v22) ?wouldnt wanna blow a tube or fuse or something
and should it go in effects loop or up front ?
Quote by Holy Katana
Not sure. It'd go best with a keyboard amp or some monitors, really.

i gues i was just wondering if i could just plug it in here since i have no room for other things besides amp
should be fine, I put my loop pedal in the fx loop same kinda thing
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