Hello All,

I just recently created an introduction on guitar that is currently in its rough developmental stage. As of right now this is a work in progress, please have a listen to my intro and tell me what you think!


I'm kind of at a loss how to continue this, any feedback on how I could continue this track would be appreciated.
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It's cool, i like it, but too long for an intro to a song, also it ends with a certain finality where its hard to continue. you have 2 options in my opinion, keep it the way it is for like an intro to an album, or shorten it to like 30-45 sec so that you can make it into a song. while listening to it i could see the direction it would go in but its difficult to convay my idea. I do like it and I hope you can figure out what to do with it. Cheers
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Ooooooooof, love the delay! It's a nice atmosphere, if a bit long. Yeah I'm thinking this is it. Which is a shame because it really want to go somewhere.

But that's why you posted so lets see. I would go for a nice medium temp rock riff with keys (piano) continuing the melody from the intro. And then just take it from there. Whenever I can't think of how to finish a song I just listen to the last bar or two (or even just the last note) and try to imagine where I would go from there. It can create some interesting riffs and modulation when you aren't thinking about everything that came before.

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