Just a straight up rock song with some fun riffs and a catchy chorus. Oh yeah and a melody from the Disney movie Mulan. See if you can spot it.
Song's on my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/stephen_rettie/

C4C of course! Just leave a linky.


Edit: I suppose I should include the Mulan song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A_Rl8aQxII
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The intro is a bit noisy for me in spots, but a lot of the guitar playing is quite impressive! I liked the less noisy harmonics a lot better. I saw Mulan when it first came out in the theatre, didn't listen to the Mulan link provided, so I can't say I caught the Mulan riff (which is just as well, because I tend to be more impressed with completely original music). I liked 95% of this song quite a bit. Playing is tight! Good job! Please review my music at this link:

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I'm diggin' it man, nice guitar work and bass lines and what not, the mix sounds slightly hollow at times, and sometimes not so hollow, not sure why really.

Sometimes it feels like there's a little too much in the low frequencies.

Overall, I loved the guitar work, the melodies were nice, didn't check the Disney link, but I can hardly even remember Mulan so I was never going to remember it anyway haha..

Diggin' the outro too, mad melodies and guitar work throughout the whole track, feels like you should cram the chorus on the end there though.

The "chorus" is mad man, feels like it could use some lyrics bro.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1457000
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I like the bassy grunt of your background guitar. Was there any delay on the lead guitar cos I couldn't really hear any (I'd use delay to get a little more oomph in the lead meloady, but thats just me). Nice generic rocky sound to your tracks man.
I like this It sounds very original in a way! I like the tone, especially rythm tone. Didn't really like some of the lead work, but I don't really know if you were going for a dissonant approach or not!

Nice song though man Reminds me of Kings Of Leon a bit!
It was pretty good. Though, got bored about three quarters of the way through. Maybe want to spice it up a bit?
Take this all with a pinch of salt though. I've had alot of coffee this morning, and my attention span at the minute is not existent. Probably has something to do with it lol.
Sounds great man. It could really use some vocals in my opinion though. The guitar playing is great, but if you backed off on the leads for some parts and let there be some singing it would be a lot more approachable to a lot more people.

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I liked it, it sounds pretty good, might benefit from more dynamic effects like slides and bends. Another thing I think it could use is a little bit more reverb. And when doing that tremolo picking part, it would sound really good with a wah pedal or a whammy. As of right now it has kind of a constant sound, which is cool and all. But it would benefit from the dynamic effects.

Thanks for your feedback, and rock on!
it sounds nice but if i were you, i would put a little more distortion on the lead guitar and it could sometimes use a little clearing up (like 1:03, its a bit messy there i think)
Overall it was good, did you use a drum sequencer of some kind or a 'real' drummer?
if it was a sequencer, it sounds very realistic
please comment back:
Really good track, but both guitar tracks were very 'thin'-sounding to me (especially the leads in specific places). (Mulan riff was near towards the end. Sounded really cool.) It gets a tad dull after a while. This just needs vocals to grab more of the listener's attention. Nice song. I'd double track the rhythm guitar and throw those about 70% in both channels though.

Thanks for the critique!
Hey man I like this piece you've recorded. Playing wise, it's really well done, I like your style and everything. You've got skills, the backing and everything sounded great haha, I pretty much loved the playing. My only critique is that the lead guitar could be a bit louder and the bass could have just a bit better tone but I mean that's up to you, take anything I say with a grain of sand. Mixing could use improvement but I loved the piece and if you liked it too, that's all that matters

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