Alright, so I was thinking about changing the pickups in my guitar but I've been having doubts because the guitar has coil tapping. Now, this might seem stupid, and I'm expecting it does, but does changing the pickups from stock to non stock mess with the coil tapping at all? Because I don't want to do it if I won't be able to coil tap still.
you shouldnt worry most pick ups come with 4 and 2 wire coil tapping abilities unless your going to put actives you can get the pick ups to be coil tappable
if you get 2 wire humbuckers you have 2 options, get rid of the coil tapping function, or convert them to 4 wire. its not very hard. in my sig on the "building with min tools" link is a section on converting to 4 wire from 2.

if you buy 4 wire humbuckers then its even more simple... just cut the old off and solder the new on.