I got myself a RC-2 looper and it's been great, except for its crazy energy consumptions. Figuring I'd be bankrupt in no time with all these batteries I'm buying for it, I decided to buy an adaptor. Luckily Tom Lee was having a sale and I got one for 9 bucks. Little did I realize that the Looper pedal says "use boss PSA adaptors only."
So is there a way that I can use my Samson AC 500 Power Supply?

Specs of the adaptor:
Input: 120VAC 60Hz 15W
Output: 12VDC 300mA

Thanks for your support.
NO!!! The adapter is 12V, the pedal is 9V, not something you should mix.

Just get a BOSS one, they are like 15 bucks max. In theory anything 9V will work, as long as it has a reasonable current output, but just get a boss one.
9V DC, negative tip (center), and enough current capacity to handle the load of the RC-2. RC-2 consumes 50mA. The Boss power supply, or a Dunlop DC Brick, or a VS One Spot all will work. For that matter, so will a general purpose power supply from Radio Shack, as long as you're knowledgeable enough to get the correct tip, voltage, and polarity.
I am heading to radio shack to pick up an adapter. Did you mean 500mA? 50 seems pretty small and I know the voltage and polarity are all that really matter as long as there is enough amperage to draw from. But, they are about 20 bucks so I'll probably be better off getting the boss adapter?...
Your power supply can be equal or more mA than the requirements. As long as it is 9v center - and at least 50 it will be fine. I use a 1spot and it's 1700 or 2000 MA.
I would just get a 1spot, and get the daisy chain later when you get more pedlulz

If you will only ever be using the one pedal, then just get the Boss one
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