Hey everyone. I've been playing six-string guitar for about 2, maybe 3 years. Maybe I've gone the wrong way about learning, but for the most part, I've only taught myself through writing my own music and sometimes playing with other musicians' songs - I've never memorized anything, but rather practice and maybe record. I guess I'm more into making/producing music than actually playing the instrument, not to say that I don't enjoy playing.
Growing more and more interested in progressive metal and the sound a seven-string guitar provides, I'm probably going to purchase one some time next week. And I'm basically asking for tips when it comes to learning the instrument, and how to go about practicing it; maybe develop some skills to start playing with a band in the future. If anybody can do that, or maybe link me to some tabs or online lessons, that'd be great.

Just the same as learning a 6-string, just with a fatter neck and another string, but it will take some getting used to. Check out Agile or Ibanez's 7s.

Also, all the bands that I can think of that play 7's is: later Trivium, Unearth, All Shall Perish (iirc), Scar Symmetry, Flaw, Emperor, sometimes Dream Theater, and you can play Soilwork by tuning the B string to F# (and any other B standard bands).

EDIT: and Adagio, but most of their stuff is probably above your skill level if you've only been playing for a few years.
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just learn it. the only difference is a low B string. u learn by practice, and learn how to incorporate the low B for more than just chug chug riffs through more practice.

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If you are gonna get into 7 string, you HAVE to listen to Periphery.

This^ and the whole djent-progressive metal scene thats happening

Dream Theater and Nevermore is some of the best 7 string work

And in my opinion A Changes of Seasons is the ULTIMATE 7 string song
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If you are gonna get into 7 string, you HAVE to listen to Periphery.

This man knows what he's talking about
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Yep, I love djent.. or at least the tone, haha. Monuments, Fellsilent, TesseracT, Periphery (minus the vocals), Textures, Chimp Spanner etc etc.. all good.
But thanks everyone!
from a musical stand point it also opens up more scale shapes and patterns with the added neck, you can start doing crazy Jeff loomis sweeps or Chris Broderick 8 finger tapping!

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