I did a search but found no threads dealing with the issue. Also apologies if this is the wrong section.

Basically, does anyone know what would cause a truss rod on an Epiphone Korina Explorer to stick out far enough to be pressing against the truss rod cover?

While it plays quite well and the neck is straight, the action is quite high and i'd like to sell this guitar on and would like to either fix this issue or at least know what's going on inside it. I don't even seem to be able to google-find what kind of truss rod the thing even has.

Attached are some pictures.

How long has it been like that?

It could be loose, which would mean you'd need to take off the fretboard and re glue it back in, or take it to a tech.
Where's Waldo?
take it to a luthier, if its new take it back.
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thanks guys. It's actually second hand so i can't take it back. Might take it to get looked at though.

It's been like that as long as i've had it, but i didn't have time to address it.
Odd. I was trying to fit the allan key in, perhaps using a bit more force than i had been before, and it just slid further down into the neck into its proper position.

I'm not sure how epiphone set up their truss rods, but aren't they meant to be glued in?