So i got a fender gdc200sce and it has very high action. So I want to lower the neck, but when i try to adjust the truss rod it was kind of tight and i tightened it about 1/5 turn it made a small cracking sound. i stopped, knowing that I was doing something wrong. The nut is a bit deep in the neck. How do i fix this? I have to do this myself because incredibly there is no guitar dude that can fix this in or near my area. The truss rod hole is inside the body, Im quite a noob at this. I was turning it to the right, since that the direction a have to turn to straighten the neck on my electrics, what direction am i supposed to turn it to straighten(from overbow). thx
It's gonna creaking sound somewhat, correct me if I'm wrong
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Take it to a shop. That way, if the breaks, it's their fault. Sometimes you get a cracking sound when you adjust a truss rod and there is nothing to worry about. Other times the cracking means the neck or truss rod is failing. The two cracking sounds do sound different and an experienced tech knows what to listen for. Chances are you are just breaking some glue that seeped into the truss rod channel but it could be much much worse and the fact that you need to ask should indicate that it's worth the $15 to have a tech look at it for you. Most of them will do it in front of you and explain what they are doing if you ask. This could help you understand the noise so if your guitar is making it again you will know what to do.
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the truss rod is not made to adjust the action - it's there to adjust the neck relief. if you use it to adjust the action, the action will not be even up and down the length of the neck.

here's how to adjust the action at the saddle:
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