I bought a Martin OMC-160GTE two weeks ago, and it sounded great. The sound was colorful yet echoey and deep and very clear. However, the past few days, the guitar's sound seemed dead. The notes didn't ring as they did and there was no echo or resonance.

Also, as I was playing today my guitar buzzed and vibrated after the sustain was dying off when i plucked the d and/or g string.....

My humidity is around 55-60 and has been, and I didn't do anything to my guitar...

Does anyone know what might be the problem
Is the neck warped?
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Try dropping your humidity back a little, if possible. 55% to 60% is a little on the high side. I'd prefer to see it 45% to 50%. This really sounds like a humidity issue. Do you know how to sight check your guitar? The Taylor site has a tutorial on this and I'd assume the Martin site also discusses humidity and sight checking. It involves looking at the top of the guitar, the sound board, and determining if it's concave (moisture too low) or excessively bowed out (moisture too high). Since you have buzzing, my guess is it's too low. Double check your hygrometer. It may be wrong. Is it the mechanical type, or electronic?
40% to 50% is ideal, and what you describe sounds like either a humidity issue or dead strings.

btw, do you have a hygrometer that you've tested for accuracy in the room with the guitar? outdoor humidity is often different than indoor, and most hygrometers are off from a couple points to a lot.
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I agree with Patti and steven

Even if your guitar is currently at the right humidity, that doesn't mean the humidity level wasn't wrong at the shop. Try lowering the humidity just a touch and if that doesn't help then you probably need a slight truss rod adjustment and maybe new strings. This is normal growing pains of getting a new guitar. Without seeing the guitar I can't say it isn't broken, but I can say that chances are it's just minor setup problems due to the change in environment.
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first, do you have a hygrometer in the same room with your guitar that you've tested?

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how do i lower humidity? i have a mini dehumidifier but it doesnt seem to do anything
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What if it still buzzes after I change the strings?

Also, again, how do I lower the humidity in the guitar case/room? I have a mini dehumidifier which does nothing.
Bringing humidity down is hard. I think your problem was caused by a humidity change but you are still better off fixing it with a string change and truss rod adjustment rather than trying to bring down the humidity. If changing the strings doesn't do the trick you should get a pro to do a setup and have them tell you what they are doing while they do it. That will give you info about how to keep your guitar playing well while making it work right for now.
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Did you ever have a good setup put on it? If not, new strings and a setup are essential. If it still sounds dead, then look humidity.
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Humidity could definitely be the issue but it also might be wise to get a set up and new strings.