well here we are again
the same old situation
your in the corner
with a gun in your hand
just take the shot man
im getting kinda tired
it seems to happen every week
the same old sorrys

sorry i couldent be there when you were young
sorry i missed your graduation
sorry i spent all my time drinking rum
sorry i thought my time was better spent alone

well there you are again
with your apologies in hand
well im sorry dad
you mistake me for a better man
i cant take them again
empty words thrown on the walls
you keep tellin me promises
but all i hear is faults

sorry i wasent there to love you
sorry it seemed like i didnt care
sorry i never gave you the tools
to become the man that i never could

i wish this pain wasent real
but all the words in the world
cant help me heal
you tore out my heart
and replaced it with steel
now im as cold as the dark
and my mind as bitter as beer
but some are my faults
and those i most fear
Some really good lines in here, and a good theme throughout.

Reading it over a couple of times, there isn't very much if anything I'd change.

In fact, the only thing I'd want from this is a recording to here how you connect these lyrics with music.

Yes that is a request.