Haven't posted anything in a while, not that i ever posted often. Feeling meh.

The Angel and the Sun-

The sun is inches from my skin
and I’m slowly boiling from within.
Everything thats held me up these days
is slowly starting to melt away.
Till I have nothing left, besides my breath
the air in my lungs and the lump in my chest.
And the webs you’ve spread all around
to keep that sun from going down.

But the angel, my love, oh how you stay
even though I seem to push you away.
A world on my back, though its all in my head
and now a sun in my eyes to make it all more intense
Grab me some water, some scissors, some twine
Cool that sun, cut these webs, sew me up fine.
I cant promise you that I’ll wake up alright
but I’m willing to work till this suns lost its light.