Hope is all we have:

After a few suggestions from you guys regarding my previous uploads ive attempted this song using seperately recorded guitar tracks for left & right channels. Also recorded vocals (though theyre a bit weak, im not a vocalist & DI recording aint helping). Also made drums more dominant in the mix. Any feedback would be appreciated.

As said, i'm open to C4C to whomever wants to.
Oh wow man pretty nice production. Could be louder but sadly I have this same problem so i can't help. Guitars are tight but the drums feel like a bunch of fills stuck together. Growling ain't great I'd recommend just leaving the vocals out. If you want to just make an instrumental track let your lead guitar carry the vocal melody.
If you want to sing clean I think you have a shot but PROJECT. You're crooning here. Sing loud, seriously it will help and it sounds like you should be able to sound good. Same with growling it should be loud and powerful, you're whispering.
Just some constructive crit for the vocals.
Again guitars are great, interesting and heavy. The solo was pretty sweet if totally lacking in melody but I think you were just going for impressive which is was and very clean.

Good stuff man hope some of crit can help. I don't mean to sound ass-holeish if it comes off like that, I like the song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1456949
Alright, the guitar is great. The riffs I dig and are pretty well thought out. The drums are pretty good. But the vocals could be better, it seems like the vocals are very silent and the microphone is very close to the singers. The best thing you can do to get these kind of vocals to really pop is POWER. Other than that I liked it, keep on writing man.