Hey, this is a track my band has recorded live, asides from it speeding up for some reason (I think my pick slipped a bit so I panicked a little and came in a tad early at one part, it's a pretty solid song I reckon.

I know the bass sounds like absolute balls, but it was recorded live at a charity event so there wasn't much we could do, haven't had a chance to record in a studio or anything yet.

It's here: http://www.facebook.com/insufficientfundsband

C4C as always, if you don't think it's toooo bad, maybe even "like" our page so you can be kept up to date with other recordings we'll be chucking up.

King Turi,
The song writing is quite good. Sometimes the vocals are a bit pitchy (mostly the lower notes). Playing could be tighter. Audio quality is pretty good for a live recording. With some polish, this could turn out really good. Perhaps you could review my other tune:

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I really like the dual vocals in the chorus. The drums in the verse are also great, I like the drum and vocal break at about 1:25. I like the chord progression and placement of the solo, but I think it could use a little work near the end of it. I really liked the falsetto vocalization towards the beginning of the solo. This is really good for a live recording, nice job with it!

Lot of hiss. I like the guitar intro. Good use of delay. Singer is good, good control. Very punky.

It's a bit of cluttered is it live? Either way the song is great, singer is AWESOME! Really catchy chorus.

I just read your actual post s it is live and although the tempo is a bit off a lot; everything sounds pretty good to me. You guys are great individually, need to be a bit tighter or reign your drummer in. The bass may be loud as hell but it's at least good.

I'm impressed man you guys sounds great, good luck with the band keep up the originals and thanks for the crit!
Sounds good for a live recording. nice use of multiple vocal lines. Liked the delay in the intro. sounds pretty tight, although it would sound better recorded as individual tracks if you get the chance.
Critiquing as I listen.

Very nice guitar tone.
The vocals were a bit off-key at times.
The two part vocals were very nice.
Your bassist could be doing more than hitting the root notes.
The tempo seems to fluctuate a lot.
I like the guitar lead, but it goes out of key once or twice.

In all, I really like your music and you have a big sound for a 3 piece. Liked your facebook.

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Thanks for the crit. This isn't really my thing but here goes...

I liked the intro guitar but I feel like once the vocals come in, they don't give the rest of the band a chance to breathe.(Until the guitar solo thingy comes in) This is probably just the recording quality. I feel like the band lost its timing a couple times(bass/drums) as well. Like someone else said, if the bass is going to be that prominent; it should really add more than root notes. Overall I enjoyed it. If anything the quality prevented me from enjoying it more.

I wish I could give you more of a critique.
Its pretty good for a live recording, with just a couple issues that everyone else has mentioned. Post again once you guys get a chance to properly record this, since I think this has some real potential!
there were some parts where it seemed like the timing was off. Also the bass sounded out of tune to me during the chorus. Maybe it was just me. Overall i think the song has potential if it was cleaned up a little bit, and was tighter.

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For being a live recording this sounds pretty damn good! The only things I can really see wrong with it are at about 2:00 the vocals sound cluttered and the speeding up of the song (which you stated in your OP). I really liked the chorus a lot and the falsettos later in the song were really nice! The guitar solo had a really nice melody. I think if the song were tightened up a bit then it would sound even better than it already does!

Btw, thanks for the crit on my song!
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its actually a very good song- reminds of blink-182's more emotional songs.
however- i reckon the singer is a bit shaky (he is very skillful though) and you guys should've practiced more- the instruments should sound more complimentary to each other rather than individual.
you do get a bit synced near the end though, and i loved the epic guitar solo.
overall: good job!

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