Truthfully I do not like the raspy-ness in your voice for this song. I feel like you are forcing it to be a heavier song with your vocals. Great Job on Bass and Guitar!
When i first read Crushcrushcrush I was worried someone was going to butcher one my favorite songs by Paramore but I was pleasantly surprised, I thought it was quite well done. Something that I noticed though is that some of the words ended too soon and I think that your tone of voice mixed with a little bit of vibrato at the end of phrases would sound really cool. So yeah loved the song but I think if you could put more vibrato into the ends of your phrasing and remove just a tiny little bit of rasp out of your voice it would sound a lot more distinct, but not too much because I think that's what makes your sound you.
Thanks to both of you! My voice is just naturally raspy, when i try to hit certain notes it just kinda happens haha, i will try and tone it down though. And I'm glad I didn't butcher one of your favorites. Never wanna do that! Thanks for the feedback!
If it happens naturally then I understand, heck I really dislike my voice cause it sounds to "chesty" (even in falsetto) and I get no volume out of it. Takes guts to sing man, great job again!