Hello, I'm looking for a decent PA system, doesn't have to be great, but I don't want a cheap POS.

I'm going to be using this for an electric drum set, and occasionally for vocals.

Budget -- Don't really have one, but under $500 would be nice.
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^there is no amplifier there, just a board and a speaker. where is the amp?

maybe a powered speaker may suit your needs TS? are you planning on gigging with this?


there are some powered speakers with a small mixer built int as well, i just posted the first one i found that was interesting.
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Don't forget foldback. You need a mixer with an auxilliary send or a monitor out with a control on each channel. That Makkie would be fine. Then run that into a couple of powered wedges. You want at least 200W per side for FOH but you can get away with as little as 100W for foldback.
Steer clear of Behringer mixers. The sliders go in them all the time, I think mainly because there is an insufficient barrier to stop filth getting inside them.
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